Ground Cover: Mulch

Cypress Mulch The shredded texture and orange-brown color brightens most any landscape project. The moisture holding properties of cypress causes this mulch to retain water around the plants more than any other type of mulch.
Pine Bark Nuggets (Large & Small) Range from 1-5” in size and are commonly installed in large open beds. Due to size, they have a longer life span. Known for their natural rich brown coloring.
Designer Mulch – (Red Mulch, Color Enhanced Mulch, Golden Mulch) This new mulch option is shredded and dyed with a non-toxic coloring and provides a beautiful contrast to any green landscaping site. The color enhanced mulch is long lasting and offers an environmentally sensible alternative to all other mulches offered.
Cypress Mulch Pine Bark Nuggets
Red Mulch Golden Mulch

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