Irrigation: Installation

Your system will be installed using our ‘invisible installation’ technique. The heads are located on the property according to the plan. The sod is cut by hand and each section is laid to the side. The trenches are then excavated by hand and the dirt placed on tarps for complete soil recovery and to protect the lawn. Once all the rigid PVC piping* is installed, the dirt and sod are replaced exactly where they came from and soaked back to grade. Unlike mechanically-trenched methods that leave obvious trenches or seeded-in repairs, the result is your lawn is returned to its original condition.

The plumbing contractor connects the backflow preventer and certifies that it is performing within specifications. The inspections division is notified to conduct the plumbing inspection. The remainder of the system is installed by the irrigation technicians, including the electronic valves, the sprinkler heads, the electronic cable, controller and rain sensor switch. As the lines are installed, the dirt and the sod are replaced in the trench and watered in. The spray pattern for the sprinkler heads is adjusted and the controller is programmed. By the end of the third day, the system is installed and the installation cuts are virtually invisible. The owner is instructed on the operation of the system, delivered the backflow instructions, As-built diagram, system warranty and final bill.

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