Landscaping Design: Plants

With access to all of Central Florida wholesale nurseries, we recommend Girard Environmental Services, Inc. of Sanford, FL. to our customers. It can be quite a feat to mix and match the various types of elements to create the perfect design. One of the key factors of a successful landscaping design in the element of unity. All of the materials you use in the design need to come together. Consistency is very important if you are creating any type of pattern. Creating a theme is a great way to ensure unity. Keeping the landscaping design simple will also help the unity flow with ease.

Balance is also another important factor for quality landscaping design. Symmetrical design involves both sides of the garden being a complete reflection of the other. This is much easier to achieve then asymmetrical designs. If your attempt at an asymmetrical design doesn’t work, your landscaping will not flow well or be appealing visually.

Color is an important element of landscaping design. With so many great plants, trees, and flowers to choose from, you should be able to come up with a combination that is very pleasing. Bright colors are an easy way to make your landscaping area seem larger. One of the most difficult parts of landscaping design is getting the different elements to flow well. Colors can help this transition take place easier. You don’t want the eye to see an abrupt change but a subtle one.

Landscapes of Florida can design and install the garden of your choice, whether your taste includes the formal, manicured look of an estate garden, the whimsical color of an English cottage garden, the peaceful tranquility of an oriental Zen retreat or a vision that you have had.

The successful style will take into account your personal taste as well as the architecture of your home and the prevailing look and feel of the community.

Whatever the style, attention will be paid to placement of planting material by light requirements, size, and color and texture.

Light Requirement

The first step in plant selection is light requirements. One of the most difficult areas is low-light, shady conditions. There are several plants that meet this requirement in Florida.


The garden should present a tiered or layered look, with smallest plants in the foreground, largest to the rear. Rear plantings should be evergreen to provide a screen and four-season presence of color.

Color and Texture

The art to garden design is combining plants of different color and texture to bring out their individual unique qualities while providing a cohesive, integrated planting.

In addition to the planting materials, much value can be obtained by using accent accessories such as bird baths, sundial, fountains, statues etc.

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